GoodMeeting ™

Good results can be achieved if meetings are managed well.

Don't waste time, money and creativity!

Time spent in a collaborative environment and creative athmosphere is a most valuable asset in a meeting. In creative meetings, when the relevant know-how is present, good results may be achieved.

Meetings can be collaboration at its best, if they are managed well.

GoodMeeting ™ supports you to manage meetings in a smart way and keeps your participants informed accurately. There are three types of items: information, decision and tasks. Out of every item you can create easily individual tasks with one click. Items may be marked for follow up and are in this way automatically integrated into the agenda of the next meeting in the repeating meeting chain.

The meeting chain is the place, where the meeting participants manage the relevant information in the right context in a smart way. The meeting-tasks are held in a single place where all your other tasks also reside.

Do you like meetings? We do! We've developed GoodMeeting ™ to help you to improve your performance.